I sat down to write a blog post Thursday afternoon (2-11-2016) and was immediately distracted by an idea for my WIP. As I’m pretty scatterbrained, I dropped everything and dove into writing. I didn’t stop until it was time to go pick up the kiddo several hours later. This is a very good thing.

And then it was time for the after school chores: snack, homework, dishes, dinner, etc. Looking at the calendar, I realized that it was a four day weekend because the local high school was moving into their new digs and all the kids were off to give teachers the chance to pack and move. Not only were the high schoolers moving, half of the elementary classes were shuffling into the old high school. Yay. Thankfully, Little Man won’t have to worry about moving to a new building until next year. Continue reading

5 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Writer


5. Reading. I horde books. When hubby asks me why I have SO many books, I tell him I need them for ‘research.’ I don’t think he’s caught on yet. It’ll be our little secret.

4. Time Alone. Writing gives me a great excuse to be alone. If I don’t want to do the dishes, it’s because I suddenly thought of a great scene I just have to write down. (Or I needed to check my Twitter or Instagram).

3. Murder. When there’s someone in your life that deserves to meet a particularly horrible and untimely death, but you don’t want to live the rest of your life on death row, you can just kill them over and over again in your writing. (I have a relative, or two, that has a future as multiple victims). Continue reading

Stay Focused


First an update on my non-verbal 9 year old with autism:

Little Man didn’t want to eat what was being served at school Tuesday. His wonderful Para asked him what he did want and he wrote “hotdog” on the whiteboard. THEN HE SAID IT! All the paras and the teacher stopped what they were doing and looked at each other like “did he REALLY just say that?!” Then a loud cheer went up. It’s the little things. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo2015 Wrap-up

writing-quoteI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had planned on heading to visit family in Idaho, but the snowstorms changed our minds. We just didn’t want to spend 2 days fighting bad roads for a three day trip. So, we stayed home and had prime rib, potato salad, green bean casserole, buttermilk biscuits, and cheesecake. This is what happens when I let hubby plan the menu (I still had to make everything, but he at least made the cheesecakes – ok, they were box cheesecakes, but he helped for the first time in almost 10 years of marriage and I can’t complain about THAT). Continue reading

#NaNoWriMo2015 Week Two

3-30-2015 quote of the weekI realized that I’ve forgotten to write a blog post with my NaNoWriMo update. I’ve been THAT into writing. Which is a very good thing.

I have discovered that I’m not as disciplined as I need to be. I don’t follow the schedule I set up for myself that gives me four hours of writing time every day during the week. This made me sit down and seriously consider if I have the drive and desire to be a ‘real’ novelist.

So, I’m standing at a fork in the road, trying to decide if I want to knuckle down and pursue my dream life of writing books for a living or if I take the path where I pretend I’m a writer.

Or it could be the SAD talking. Moving from Arizona where we had over 300 days of sunshine to North Dakota where there are considerable LESS days of sunshine is starting to take a toll on me. By the way, SAD stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Continue reading

Author Beth Teliho’s Savvy Advice for First-Time Novelists

A lot of wonderful information from Beth!

An Unedited Life

Beth Teliho Beth Teliho, author of “Order of Seven”

In May, I featured a review of a book titled “Order of Seven” that was blowing the mismatched socks off young-adult, paranormal/fantasy readers. Since then, first-time author Beth Teliho has continued to sell copies and rack up glowing reviews of her captivating book.

I asked Beth if she would consider writing a post for An Unedited Life about what it takes to write, self-publish and market a successful first novel, and she was kind enough to consent. Today, I have the honor of sharing that marvelous post with you. It’s packed full of need-to-know information for first-time novelists — or for anyone anywhere who is considering becoming a self-published author.

What follows is a post abundant with common sense, priceless links and sound advice — all offered up from Beth’s own first-hand experience and in her distinctive and humorous voice. Trust me, you’re going to…

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