NaNoWriMo2015 Wrap-up

writing-quoteI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had planned on heading to visit family in Idaho, but the snowstorms changed our minds. We just didn’t want to spend 2 days fighting bad roads for a three day trip. So, we stayed home and had prime rib, potato salad, green bean casserole, buttermilk biscuits, and cheesecake. This is what happens when I let hubby plan the menu (I still had to make everything, but he at least made the cheesecakes – ok, they were box cheesecakes, but he helped for the first time in almost 10 years of marriage and I can’t complain about THAT). Continue reading

#NaNoWriMo2015 Week Two

3-30-2015 quote of the weekI realized that I’ve forgotten to write a blog post with my NaNoWriMo update. I’ve been THAT into writing. Which is a very good thing.

I have discovered that I’m not as disciplined as I need to be. I don’t follow the schedule I set up for myself that gives me four hours of writing time every day during the week. This made me sit down and seriously consider if I have the drive and desire to be a ‘real’ novelist.

So, I’m standing at a fork in the road, trying to decide if I want to knuckle down and pursue my dream life of writing books for a living or if I take the path where I pretend I’m a writer.

Or it could be the SAD talking. Moving from Arizona where we had over 300 days of sunshine to North Dakota where there are considerable LESS days of sunshine is starting to take a toll on me. By the way, SAD stands for “Seasonal Affective Disorder.” Continue reading

Author Beth Teliho’s Savvy Advice for First-Time Novelists

A lot of wonderful information from Beth!

An Unedited Life

Beth Teliho Beth Teliho, author of “Order of Seven”

In May, I featured a review of a book titled “Order of Seven” that was blowing the mismatched socks off young-adult, paranormal/fantasy readers. Since then, first-time author Beth Teliho has continued to sell copies and rack up glowing reviews of her captivating book.

I asked Beth if she would consider writing a post for An Unedited Life about what it takes to write, self-publish and market a successful first novel, and she was kind enough to consent. Today, I have the honor of sharing that marvelous post with you. It’s packed full of need-to-know information for first-time novelists — or for anyone anywhere who is considering becoming a self-published author.

What follows is a post abundant with common sense, priceless links and sound advice — all offered up from Beth’s own first-hand experience and in her distinctive and humorous voice. Trust me, you’re going to…

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Break This One Habit & Find More Writing Time

I need to start doing this!

Archer's Aim

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

I noticed a bad habit the other day and realized it is rather costly to my productivity. No, it’s not just wasting time on the internet or any other act of procrastination. Rather, it is a bad habit involving poor perspective. But I think breaking this one bad habit could mean much to productivity as a writing in a serious way.

Want to guess what this bad habit is? It’s the simple comment to myself, “I don’t have enough time.” I noticed that between five and seven times a day I may have upwards of fifteen minutes when something else is pending that I literally give up the time to write, believing there’s no actual time to accomplish something productive. You want to know what I did when I realized this? I ignored myself and wrote just…

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How To Get Your Book Into A Library

This is an excellent idea!

K Morris - Poet

I am fortunate to live within 10-15 minutes walking distance of Upper Norwood’s Joint Library, the oldest and, I believe the only independent institution of it’s kind, (

In search of ways to get my book, “Dalliance: A Collection of Poetry and Prose” into the hands of more readers I visited the library to ascertain whether they would add it to their shelves. To my delight a librarian confirmed the library would be pleased to accept my book. Its wonderful to know that “Dalliance” is available for the residents of Noorwood to enjoy.

The following article contains useful advice on getting a self published book into a library, ( The article mentions the importance of specifying that you wish your book to be added to the library’s stock rather than sold. This is good advice and I asked the librarian to add “Dalliance” to the library’s…

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How to thrive as an Independent Author…

As I was sitting here doubting my own talents, I read this. Boy did I need this today.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

If you’re serious about self-publishing, you might already know that publishing books isn’t easy. Behind each book there are countless hours of writing, revising, producing and marketing. Most importantly, behind each book, there’s a piece of your bare soul. The world of publishing can be as rewarding and fertile as it can be ruthless and disheartening.

front cover copy I decided to pursue self-publishing in early 2012. A year after, I was the proud author of a beautiful children’s book called Tristan Wolf. I’ve done everything my Marketing 101 book said I should do. I’ve protected fiercely the quality of my books, and I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made (and I keep on learning). I’ve published four more books and released three of those in Spanish. It sounds exhausting, but it’s all part of my plan to take over the world one children’s book at a time 😀

As part of…

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Innards, the other white meat. That makes no sense. Just roll with it.

Some damn good advice here. I need to learn to stomp that inner doubt. And find some friends to torture with my horrid writing.

Beth Teliho

In response to several people reaching out to me for writing advice, I thought I’d put together this list. Each of these require deliberate intent and aren’t always easy or comfortable, but I hope something here helps you avoid learning the hard way, like I tend to do.

1. Trust your instincts, guts, innards, intuition. I’ve had to make countless decisions regarding my novel. Everything from choosing not to work with certain editors anymore, to which genre to market in, to how much and where to cut words from the first draft. You’ll have to make them too, and it can be daunting as hell. You’ll get gobs of advice, some solicited, some notsomuch, and it can be difficult to know what to do. It’s imperative you learn to recognize your intuition and listen.

2. Ignore self-doubt and fear << a different voice than your intuition, which is positive and productive. Doubt and fear are negative…

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Spring Break 2015

Aaron1a12 at en.wikipedia [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Aaron1a12 at en.wikipedia [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

To celebrate Spring Break, I decided I needed some major dental surgery. That was Friday and I’m still sore as of Monday. And just for the cherry on top, my son’s filling fell out. Because he’s special needs, he gets to be sedated before they can refill his tooth. His new dentist is having to refer him to a specialist. Happy, happy, joy, joy. We’re both walking around (ok, more like lounging around the house) with swollen faces and popping pain pills. Thankfully, Mike took the week off to spend the misery with us.

However, I did manage to get the chapter two rewrite done and sent in to the editor. I’m feeling accomplished – at least in that department. Now if I could find the energy to tackle the piles of dishes and laundry.

Now for the good news – Continue reading