How To Get Your Book Into A Library

This is an excellent idea!

K Morris - Poet

I am fortunate to live within 10-15 minutes walking distance of Upper Norwood’s Joint Library, the oldest and, I believe the only independent institution of it’s kind, (

In search of ways to get my book, “Dalliance: A Collection of Poetry and Prose” into the hands of more readers I visited the library to ascertain whether they would add it to their shelves. To my delight a librarian confirmed the library would be pleased to accept my book. Its wonderful to know that “Dalliance” is available for the residents of Noorwood to enjoy.

The following article contains useful advice on getting a self published book into a library, ( The article mentions the importance of specifying that you wish your book to be added to the library’s stock rather than sold. This is good advice and I asked the librarian to add “Dalliance” to the library’s…

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Catch Me, I’m Falling!

off the ledgeThis week has been a whirlwind, but then again, what week isn’t? If you have a kid, a pet, a partner, or a life, I think you know what I’m talking about. There’s always someone or something whining for your attention.

And if that weren’t bad enough, I had a couple of days filled with paralyzing fear. Not the “I can’t leave the house” kind (although, I have experienced that once or twice before). Nope, this was the “My writing sucks. My characters REALLY suck because they’re talking to me but I’m not understanding them. I give up. I’ll never be any good. I wonder if McDonald’s is hiring.” Continue reading

How to thrive as an Independent Author…

As I was sitting here doubting my own talents, I read this. Boy did I need this today.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

If you’re serious about self-publishing, you might already know that publishing books isn’t easy. Behind each book there are countless hours of writing, revising, producing and marketing. Most importantly, behind each book, there’s a piece of your bare soul. The world of publishing can be as rewarding and fertile as it can be ruthless and disheartening.

front cover copy I decided to pursue self-publishing in early 2012. A year after, I was the proud author of a beautiful children’s book called Tristan Wolf. I’ve done everything my Marketing 101 book said I should do. I’ve protected fiercely the quality of my books, and I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made (and I keep on learning). I’ve published four more books and released three of those in Spanish. It sounds exhausting, but it’s all part of my plan to take over the world one children’s book at a time 😀

As part of…

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Innards, the other white meat. That makes no sense. Just roll with it.

Some damn good advice here. I need to learn to stomp that inner doubt. And find some friends to torture with my horrid writing.

Beth Teliho

In response to several people reaching out to me for writing advice, I thought I’d put together this list. Each of these require deliberate intent and aren’t always easy or comfortable, but I hope something here helps you avoid learning the hard way, like I tend to do.

1. Trust your instincts, guts, innards, intuition. I’ve had to make countless decisions regarding my novel. Everything from choosing not to work with certain editors anymore, to which genre to market in, to how much and where to cut words from the first draft. You’ll have to make them too, and it can be daunting as hell. You’ll get gobs of advice, some solicited, some notsomuch, and it can be difficult to know what to do. It’s imperative you learn to recognize your intuition and listen.

2. Ignore self-doubt and fear << a different voice than your intuition, which is positive and productive. Doubt and fear are negative…

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Oops…Sorry About That!

Collin's face2

I forgot to write a post for this week. Oops.

This week has been such a whirlwind that I’m not even sure what all I did. I recall scheduling surgery for my eight year old son. He has to have two teeth extracted. Because he’s non-verbal and autistic, we’re seeing a dentist that specializes in special needs kiddos. She recommended, for his comfort and safety, that we schedule it at the Children’s Hospital where she can put him under and do the extractions, cleaning and x-rays. She also assured me that because he’d be in post-op, I’d have the help of the nurses to comfort him when he recovers. THAT is huge.

And my vacuum decided to kick the bucket on me. The bastard. Now I have to go shopping. I hate shopping. I know…a woman that hates to shop. Well, unless it’s for old fashion stationary, purple pens, and of course, BOOKS. I could spend days in a book store. Ebooks are great and all, but I still love the feel of a paper book. Much to my husband’s dismay. Every time he comes home, there’s a new stack of books waiting to be read. Continue reading

Yay! For Writing

I had expected a speedy recovery after my oral surgery on March 13th given my previous rebounds from the same procedure. I should have known better. This time, the dentist decided to do some “bone therapy.” Basically, it meant opening up my gums, ‘scratching’ the bone to induce bone growth, and then stitching it back up. He did this on both sides of my jaw as well as extract 4 teeth (two upper, 2 lower) on the right side.

I can only say that I’m thankful I opted for being sedated. I slept most of that day and the next. Except for the occasional moments where I had to get up to take more pain pills until they started to make me throw up. Which led to busting open some sutures. And more bleeding. And more pain. You might say I was a little miserable. And the last thing on my mind, besides eating, was writing. Continue reading

Spring Break 2015

Aaron1a12 at en.wikipedia [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Aaron1a12 at en.wikipedia [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

To celebrate Spring Break, I decided I needed some major dental surgery. That was Friday and I’m still sore as of Monday. And just for the cherry on top, my son’s filling fell out. Because he’s special needs, he gets to be sedated before they can refill his tooth. His new dentist is having to refer him to a specialist. Happy, happy, joy, joy. We’re both walking around (ok, more like lounging around the house) with swollen faces and popping pain pills. Thankfully, Mike took the week off to spend the misery with us.

However, I did manage to get the chapter two rewrite done and sent in to the editor. I’m feeling accomplished – at least in that department. Now if I could find the energy to tackle the piles of dishes and laundry.

Now for the good news – Continue reading

Life Happens…

life happens

Have you ever noticed that when you carefully plan out something, you usually end up with one of two normal results?

The first being that everything goes according to plan. Or pretty damn close. And if that was my norm, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

Instead, as par for the course, Life decided that my plans were a joke and threw in a few twists and turns to keep things interesting. Continue reading

A Challenge & A Teaser

Image courtesy of Albero E Luna /

Image courtesy of Albero E Luna /

Because my life isn’t crazy enough, I decided to challenge myself. Nothing insane like climb a mountain or drink 12 beers in one sitting. The idea is to push myself to write 2000 words a day. But they have to either be for a story to submit to a science fiction/fantasy magazine OR towards a manuscript I want to finish and annoy publishers with by the end of this year.

The first thing I’ve been working on is a short story for magazine submissions (I hope). Have a gander at the first 300 words or so and let me know (honestly – be brutal if you want – I can take it) in the comments. I really would appreciate it so I know if I’m heading in the right direction or not. I’d also love to hear what you think of the characters, story, etc. Continue reading

Welcome to My New Beginnings

Image courtesy of sattva /

Image courtesy of sattva /

Please accept my invitation to join me on my journey as I finally (we won’t go into how many years it’s taken me to get to this point) start down the path towards my dream of becoming a published author of science fiction.

For those of you that enjoyed my humor stuff, never fear, I couldn’t completely give that up and will be incorporating humor into my first love (science fiction).

Along the way, I’ll share my victories and my failures. I’m hoping for more victories than anything else. But the way life is, who knows what’ll happen. I could win the lottery that I never play. Or my people might finally return to Earth to collect me.

I’ll also post snippets of stories I’m working on, so please feel free to give me your honest opinions in the comments section of each post. I would love to hear your feedback.

So, grab your towel and let’s get this party started.