Snippet #4



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General Koonis slowly walked towards the judge’s bench while explaining, “Ever since we were dragged into that little scuffle between the Greys and Proximians from Proxima Centauri three years ago, we have been building radar and listening stations on the outermost dwarf planets of our solar system. But because it’s considered beyond dangerous to drop a human off on some lonely, remote satellite with just a suitcase full of supplies and a half-hearted ‘good luck,’ our government deemed it cost effective to use a certain element of the population to man these bases.”

Snippet #3



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Another Monday, another snippet from The Reluctant Emissary! I hope you enjoy!

An hour later, Eshan found himself sitting in a drab cell, on a metal bench bolted to the floor, waiting to appear before a judge. He’d been questioned by the on-duty detective then photographed, fingerprinted and relieved of all of his possessions other than the clothes he was wearing. Hours drifted by and still Eshan sat, motionless, elbows on his knees, his hands knitted together and his head bent over as if he were praying. Silence his only companion.

Snippet #2


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Happy Monday, friends! How about another snippet from The Reluctant Emissary to start off your week?

A low whine passing above him caused him to look up. The matte gray underbelly of an inner solar ship passed high overhead, it’s landing lights flashing like a strobe light. As long as I live, I will never get used to those ships.

Snippet #1

Getting closer…

Maybe it was this exact parking spot. Or maybe it was the weather. Whatever it was, he was suddenly thrown back two years ago, to the night he had met her. The woman that had finally made him feel like he had a purpose in this filthy, overpopulated, alien-dominated world. Even Alaska, “The Last Frontier,” was beginning to feel crowded as people looked for an escape from the jam-packed mega-cities.

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel

I haven’t posted in a very long while. It’s not that I haven’t been busy. I got a bug in my bonnet to make myself write a book. And actually FINISH it this time.

A couple of days ago, I got the final rounds of edits back from my beloved developmental editor. And now it’s with the line editor. She’ll have it back to me around May 5th.

I have my cover done by the very talented Christian. (If you want to see my cover, it’s on my homepage. Right here.)

What’s left? Um…since this is my first rodeo with self-publishing, I’m going to shotgun here and list some of the things I think or know I still have to do:

  1. Write a blurb. I suck at these. Like “eighth grader oral book report” kinda suck.
  2. Formatting. I have no friggin idea at this point. I’m hoping the Scrivner gods will deliver me a perfectly formatted manuscript.
  3.  Mailing List. After three hair-pulling days, I was finally able to get the newsletter sign-up thingy working on my website. Now I just have to find people and convince them they need it. (People like YOU! So get on it! Kidding, I’m not going to hunt you down and force you to sign up. Yet.)
  4. Newsletter content. If you think I suck at blog posts, wait ’til you see my newsletter. #cryinginmywhiskey

I think that’s enough pain and misery for one post. Happy Monday, everyone. Now, get out there and be the lion!

14 Memes only writers can relate to

This was too funny NOT to share!

Christian Meneses

1. When people get hyped at NANOWRIMO

2. What you hear 90% of the times you say you are working on a novel

3. And you try to explain how hard writing a novel actually is

4. But then there’s always that person that says he/she is a writer but in reality just write at Wattpad

5. When that same person sends you his/her work for feedback

6. And you realize originality is not what big publishers are looking for

7. When you try to understand what successful authors do

8. And you understand that the reason why those book sell is because people mainly read to have conversation topics

9. And everyone is into the same book at the same time

10. But of course you need to stay off sacred topics

11. And then you go home because you felt the urge to work but…

12. And you…

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