Busy Bee!


I meant to post this on Monday, May 7th but I guess I forgot to hit ‘publish.’ Oops! 😀
We got back from our exploratory trip to Texas late Saturday afternoon (5/5). The meeting and evaluation at the school went really well. As did the house hunting.
Friday, we got calls from mortgage lenders letting us know we were pre-approved for the house and five acres just north of town in Victoria, Texas. Its about a 20 minute drive to the school.
Today, I signed the tuition contract for Little Man to attend the school starting in September. We’re still slogging through getting all the paperwork completed and turning in documents to the mortgage company. Oy, what an endless process that is!
Book related: I’m working on something that could be very exciting.
So, bottom line: Everything is falling into place and I’m crazy busy/happy. *fingers crossed*