50th Birthday and a “To Do”

pexels-photo-775203.jpegI managed to get two more chapters off to my favorite editor last week.  That brings me up to 20 chapters. Yay!

TO DO: I’ve outlined the next three and have started writing them. I’m falling a little behind, only because my husband decided to gift me his nasty cold yesterday. as an early present.

This morning, I woke up with a sore throat, stuffed up, and feeling like someone beat the tar out of me during the night. Is he sorry? Heck no. He laughed. I’ll remember that the next time he’s sick.

Will I get the first draft done by Tuesday? Probably not. Will that stop me from getting it done this week? Heck no! At the very latest, I’ll have everything done by next weekend. And with yet ANOTHER snow storm due to hit this week, it looks like I’ll have plenty of time to write.

I’m kinda used to Mother Nature taking a white dump on my birthday in Alaska. But in North Dakota? Come on! Texas is looking better and better.

Until next week, stay warm!

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