Stress and Writer’s Slump

pexels-photo-313690.jpegI figured out, with the help of my friends over at Keystroke Medium, what my major roadblock has been.


On February 12th, they had a live chat where writers could ask questions and their panel of writers would toss out their ideas. My question was first. “How do you get out of a writer’s slump?”

They had a lot of good ideas. Chuck Manley suggested getting to the root cause of the writer’s slump. And then he offered a good number of ideas on what to do next.

After a week of sitting down and brainstorming (which, in of itself, was painful), I narrowed it down to stress.

Stress about moving to Texas. This would require hubby to commute from North Dakota to Texas on a rotational schedule of 20 days on shift and 10 days off shift. OR, finding a new job in Texas.

Stress about little man going to a private school and all the added expenses it would cause. Which loops back around to the stress of hubby either commuting or starting a new job: will the new job be enough to cover it? Will little man have as rough a time with the commuting as he did the last time? (We’re talking meltdowns for a couple of days each time hubby left).

Stress over hubby’s job: things will start to slow down when Spring comes, so I have a lot of saving to do between now and then to cover the costs of moving and all that stuff.

Now that I’ve nailed down the cause, I need to work my solution. Which was recommended: suck it up and power through it. Turning off the stressed part of my brain to focus on writing has been difficult.

Some days have been easier than others. Most days, it’s been pretty painful, but I’ve found that if I just write one sentence, it helps to start clearing the logjam in my head. Over 200 words have been put down. Not a lot, I know. But it’s better than nothing. And, as the old saying goes, “You can’t edit a blank page.”

Have a great week. I’m going to go write 100 more words.

4 thoughts on “Stress and Writer’s Slump

  1. Oh man. I don’t know how you hold it all together. But I imagine Southern Comfort deserves at least a little credit? 😉 Glad to see that you’re still coming back to that keyboard though.

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