Flu and a Challenge


allergy-cold-disease-flu-41284.jpegJust a quick note to keep you updated on my misadventures. Or, maybe not such a quick note.

Flu. Yep, the flu came to visit our happy home. Little man came down with it on the 19th. He spent all weekend being flu-y and sick. Monday rolled around and off to school he went, feeling better.

Tuesday, I woke up feeling like someone parked a truck on me. Thankfully, hubby was able to play chauffeur to little man since the insane headaches where making me just a tad grumpy.

On days that I could think straight, I read a wonderful book called “The 8-minute Writing Habit” by Monica Leonelle. It really helps lost writers find their way back onto the writerly path.

Since the flu beast decided to derail me in the middle of the suggested 8X8 Challenge, I’m going to restart it this week. In case you’re curious, here is a quick overview of each one:

Day 1: Write for 8 minutes. Yep, really. If you’ve been off the habit for awhile, it’s kinda hard to ‘ass in chair’ and start pounding away on the keyboard. I found it very stress free to only be required to write for 8 minutes.

Day 2: Switch up your writing schedule. This one requires you to try finding different times or methods for writing. I found this one difficult because I only have the time little man is in school to devote to writing. The hectic times while he’s home make concentrating on writing nearly impossible.

Day 3: Go mobile. I have all the equipment needed for dictation. Now I just need to conquer my fear. Weird, huh? The only ‘thing’ that’s going to hear me blabbing into my digital recorder is Dragon. And Dragon don’t care! Or honey badger.keep-calm-cause-honey-badger-don-t-care-9

Day 4: 8-minute morning. This one is about getting up 15 minutes earlier to write. Yeah, not happening. If little man knows I’m up, he’s gonna be up. It’s like he’s psychic or something. Kids! Gotta love ’em!

Day 5: 8-minute increase. This one I can do! Beat the ground behind me and make me write! I need deadlines and structure! Must have something to do with growing up in a military family maybe?

Day 6: Accountability. Monica writes, “Why? Because accountability is incredibly important for establishing any type of habit. You can’t be accountable to people if you are hiding behind your screen, not telling people how awesome you are, can you?” So this one requires getting on social media and making readers and potential readers aware of what I’m doing. This blog post counts, right?

Day 7: Planning. This one involves the maths and a calendar. And figuring out how many 8-minute writing sessions it would take to complete either a current project or a proposed one. I’m not going to share mine because it’s embarrassing and you’ll wonder why I don’t just shut up and finish it. OK, I’ll share. Ahem – I’m sitting at over 48,811 words written on book 2 with a projected completion count of 52,000. I’m stuck on the second to last chapter. pexels-photo.jpg

Day 8: Results. This one is all about looking back and reflecting on the progress made over the past 8 days. I haven’t gotten there. Yet. But I’m hoping to with the 8X8 Challenge reset this week.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I hope to have book 2 finished this week and sent off to my most awesome editor this time next week. *fingers crossed*

‘Til next time! Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “Flu and a Challenge

  1. Yes, this post counts for your Day 6 challenge. And it is a good insight into the challenges. I’m impressed that you didn’t beat yourself up for not being able to succeed with each suggestion. Our lives are unique and not every “great way to do things” works for everyone. Now … go finish that book 2!

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    • Hey, Sandra! I found that beating myself up didn’t really do much good. It was better to mark it as a lesson learned and move forward. 😀

      Yes, ma’am! I’ll get my 8-minutes in today. 😀


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