Know Who You Are Doing Business With

Wednesday Wisdom

When I was looking for a copy editor for my first book, I was in such a hurry to get it done, that I hired the first person that came along.

That was a HUGE mistake. After weeks and weeks of excuses, she finally sent me back my manuscript. It was a rush job. All the notes were dated that very morning and she had attempted to do a developmental edit on it. Some of her notes included “I don’t like the main characters name.”

I was pissed. Then, I checked out her FaceBook business page. I was her first paying client. And I had paid her almost $500 up front.

I should have asked for references and a sample. I ended up having to request a refund and find a new copy editor. And that all put my publishing timeline out of whack.

Lesson Learned: Know who you’re doing business with BEFORE you send them money.

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