What’s Up?

Monday MemoAfter I finally published my first book, we decided (OK, *I* decided it was time to trade in the BMW with 160k miles) we needed a new vehicle with a LOT fewer miles. While we were in Billings car shopping, my good buddy, JR sent me a text that sounded pretty urgent.

[If you want to check out JR’s stuff, here’s his blog. He writes Military Science Fiction. And he’s an all around good guy. Just don’t tell him I said so.]

I texted him back and he said he had leads on a couple of anthologies that he suggested I check out. Next thing I know, I’m submitting stories. One of them is coming out on September 7th. It’s science fiction humor, so of course, I had to participate! You can check it out here: Pew! Pew! – The Quest for More Pew!

The second anthology is mech and I’m still writing it. More details as I’m allowed to share.

As for book two in the Annunak Series. It’s halfway written and I’m hoping to have it ready to publish by Thanksgiving. Sooner, if I can corral all the damn cats!

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