Snippet #1

Getting closer…

Maybe it was this exact parking spot. Or maybe it was the weather. Whatever it was, he was suddenly thrown back two years ago, to the night he had met her. The woman that had finally made him feel like he had a purpose in this filthy, overpopulated, alien-dominated world. Even Alaska, “The Last Frontier,” was beginning to feel crowded as people looked for an escape from the jam-packed mega-cities.

3 thoughts on “Snippet #1

  1. Ooh, now that’s a great opening that grabs with both specifics and emotion! In 70 words, you have the current locale (Alaska), a future time-frame (aliens), a potential issue (alien-dominated), a tone (filthy, over-populated), and a man who is seeking a purpose (outer motive) and who had found a woman (inner motive).

    Great job, Terrye!

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