14 Memes only writers can relate to

This was too funny NOT to share!

Christian Meneses

1. When people get hyped at NANOWRIMO

2. What you hear 90% of the times you say you are working on a novel

3. And you try to explain how hard writing a novel actually is

4. But then there’s always that person that says he/she is a writer but in reality just write at Wattpad

5. When that same person sends you his/her work for feedback

6. And you realize originality is not what big publishers are looking for

7. When you try to understand what successful authors do

8. And you understand that the reason why those book sell is because people mainly read to have conversation topics

9. And everyone is into the same book at the same time

10. But of course you need to stay off sacred topics

11. And then you go home because you felt the urge to work but…

12. And you…

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