Interview with Author Tracee Ford

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Today, I’d like to introduce you to Tracee Ford. What? You haven’t heard of her yet? Ok then. How about a little of her background to catch you up. (Taken from her blog):

“Tracee Ford, better known as “The Smart Mouth Writer,” has been telling stories her whole life. She is an award-winning novelist and the founder of Ozwind Publishing, LLC.

Tracee’s first novel, The Fine Line, won a Five Star Reader’s Favorite Award in 2013 and her second book, Idolum, is also the winner of a Reader’s Favorite Award and was nominated by the Paranormal Romance Guild for Best Romantic Suspense novel of 2013, winning second place. Her third novel, Through Glass Darkly, won first place for Best Paranormal Romance (General) of 2015 and the Between Worlds Series won second place for Best Paranormal Romance of 2015.

Tracee has walked many paths in her life as a playwright, director, and a puppeteer. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and Psychology which she earned from Shawnee State University. Currently, she is an instructor for the SSU Department of English & Humanities as well as the Department of Social Sciences. She also has a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota.

Tracee’s interest in the paranormal and her life experience has given her keen insight into the shadows that haunt our society, making her a brilliant author of suspense, but she is excited to expand her writing by exploring other genres. Tracee Ford is ready to take your hand and lead you on fantastic and thrilling new adventures.”

Now that we know a little more about our new friend, how about a couple of questions:

1. Is there a story in you that you are having a hard time getting out?
YES! I actually have 4 books that are partially written. 

If so, what do you think is keeping you from writing it?
Time, or lack thereof, is and always will be my enemy.

2. Who or what do you find influences you the most?
There are so many things that influence me. Dreams. Music. Circumstances. The paranormal. The sky is the limit!
3. Where would you like to see yourself in a year? 2 years? 5 years?
I just want to be happy. It’s as simple as that. I try not to look ahead like that. I find that by doing that, it’s easy to be disappointed. Living the moment, the here and now, is where I try to keep my focus. I think if we start looking too far into the future, we can damage the outcomes, no matter what those outcomes might be.
4. When did you first discover your love of reading and writing?
To be honest, I still don’t like to read (LOL). Writing has been a part of me since I was a small child. I was telling stories before I could even put a pencil to the paper. It’s a part of me. It’s in my blood.
5. What are you working on now?
I just finished an autobiography of the paranormal events that have occurred in my life. It is coming out in October, perfect for Halloween and will be a download. It’s called The Thin Dark Veil.
Thank you, Tracee, for allowing us the opportunity to get to know you and your books!
If you would like to follow her on social media, you can connect with her here:

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To buy Tracee’s award winning books:

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(Between Worlds Series) The Fine Line:

(Between Worlds Series)  Voice of the Dead:

(Between Worlds Series) Through Glass Darkly:

Blessing of the Elements:


(Between Worlds Series) The Fine Line:

(Between Worlds Series) Voice of the Dead:

(Between Worlds Series) Through Glass Darkly:

Blessing of the Elements:

 Smashwords Downloads:

(Between Worlds Series) The Fine Line:

 (Between Worlds Series) Voice of the Dead:

 (Between Worlds Series) Through Glass Darkly:

 Blessing of the Elements:



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