I’m So Excited! #Amwriting Again!

writers denThis may sound horrible, but I cannot even express the amount of joy I have for the start of school next week. I love my little guy dearly, but I need a break. It’s very difficult to write or take an online class with my lovely editor while he’s sitting on my lap. We’ve been having almost daily thunderstorms and he gets very clingy with all the noise. I can’t say that I blame him. So, I just hold him and try to keep him calm until they pass.

“This too, shall pass.”

Speaking of that online class with my editor, we just had our second online class this past Tuesday. The next day, my head was spinning with so many ideas. I filled several pages in my notebook with ideas for my WIP as well as a novella I’ve been plotting.

Sandra knows just how to ask the right questions to make me look at characters and situations from a new perspective. It really ignites my imagination. For couple of days after the first class, I was so full of amped up energy over writing that I was staying up well past midnight and getting up as the sun rose to work. But, I’m afraid having to adult during the day after pulling an almost all-nighter has been sapping my energy. Yesterday, you could have confused me with an extra for The Walking Dead. Last night, I actually went to bed before 10pm and slept until 7am. I feel almost human today. I’m so thankful for my espresso machine and vitamins.

I’m also super thankful for my new writing digs. I’m slowly turning the spare bedroom into my writer’s den. The one day a week that hubby has been back in town, he’s been doing the heavy lifting; putting up shelving, putting together the desk & chair, and carrying some of the heavy boxes of books up from the garage. I don’t want to wear him out too much, he still has to work the other 6 days of the week.

That reminds me, I have work to do, too. We have homework for the online class and I should probably get it done and turned in instead of wasting time on my favorite distractions.

Oh! And next week, there should be another author interview!


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