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Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve been MIA for a bit longer than I had anticipated. I could fill this space with all kinds of excuses like:

  • We moved…twice. (And I’m still unpacking and looking for crap I KNOW I own but can’t find)
  • School ended.
  • Summer school started.
  • Summer school ended and now I have a bored 9 year old demanding my attention 24/7 while the husband is working out of town until the velociraptors come home.
  • An important doctor’s appointment for the child that required driving across the state. We had to do MORE blood work and now we’re waiting for the results as well as an appointment with the state’s ONLY pediatric geneticist. (This is the one that’s been stressing me out the most).
  • The sun has been shining and there’s NO snow on the ground, so I’d prefer to be out soaking up Vitamin Sunshine instead of working on my pale & pastie complexion in front of a keyboard. Especially if it involves a beach and a fire-pit.

See what I did there? I filled up blank space with excuses. OK, you have every right to throw a shoe at me for that. Now I’m trying desperately to get myself back into the writing schedule I was finally happy with. And I’d like to start with an author interview.

So…I now hand it over to the multi-talented Beth Teliho!OrderofSeven_FC_BNG_A
What is the biggest daily challenge you face as a writer?

Discipline. I am the absolute worst at trying to get everything else done before I start to write. There are more days than I’d like to admit that end in me getting All The Things done around the time I have to pick my kids up from school. It’s my own fault and something I struggle with constantly.

What is the hardest roadblock you’ve had to overcome in regards to writing? And how did you overcome it?

Self-doubt and fear of failure. Not mutually exclusive so they count as one! One big, hairy, helluva an obstacle. The main way I overcame it was to write about it. On my own blog and others, I wrote many times about the enormous fear I grappled with prior to publishing (I still grapple with it, but for different reasons and to a different extent now). While writing, I sort of worked it out and realized not following through would be a much worse fate. Once I really internalized that concept, it was an all out intention to be bold and do it despite the fear. Do or die, basically. From that point on, my mantra was that saying you’ve probably seen on a thousand memes:

“What if I fall?”

“Oh, but darling. What if you fly?”

What actor would you dream of playing your lead character if your book were made into a movie?

Since I very first started the story of Devi’s journey, I pictured Saoirse Ronan as she looked in the movie Hannah. Saoirse may not be able to play a 18 – 20 year old anymore, but if she could, she’s who I visualize when I think of Devi.

If you could write anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Greece. I’ve always wanted to visit, and I feel the area would be absolutely saturated with writerly inspiration. Plus, olives and cheese.

With the huge success of Order of Seven (yes it is, and you have every right to brag about it), what can your fans expect next?

Fans can expect the unexpected, as cliché as that sounds. The next book will surprise readers in several ways. I tend to avoid routes that produce predictable, trendy, or dull results. I vow to never dumb down my readers. If you read Order of Seven, know this: any leap your brain made to presume what’s next…you’re wrong.  (Cue ominous music and maniacal laugh)

IMG_9048 copy-1
To pick you a copy of Beth’s book, click here.
To stalk Beth’s blog, sneak on over to here.
To follow Beth on Twitter, tweet here.
And then there’s the Facebook page.

Thank you, Beth! It is an honest pleasure to have you on the blog!

NOTE: If you are an author and would like to be interviewed, please contact me at:

authortmtoombs at gmail dot com

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