5 Reasons It’s Great To Be A Writer


5. Reading. I horde books. When hubby asks me why I have SO many books, I tell him I need them for ‘research.’ I don’t think he’s caught on yet. It’ll be our little secret.

4. Time Alone. Writing gives me a great excuse to be alone. If I don’t want to do the dishes, it’s because I suddenly thought of a great scene I just have to write down. (Or I needed to check my Twitter or Instagram).

3. Murder. When there’s someone in your life that deserves to meet a particularly horrible and untimely death, but you don’t want to live the rest of your life on death row, you can just kill them over and over again in your writing. (I have a relative, or two, that has a future as multiple victims).

2. Other Writers. Connecting with other writers is huge for me. When I talk to non-writers, it’s like talking about hockey with football fans.

1. Imaginary Friends. It’s no longer socially unacceptable for an adult to have imaginary friends. We can now call them “Characters.”

Bonus. Internet searches. It gives me an excuse to look up things like, “symptoms of strangulation,” “how to poison an enemy,” “people with lizard eyes,” “writing realistic sword fights,” or “medieval torture devices” without having to explain my search history.


I apologize for such a short post this week. I’m still trying to play catch up after our internet was down for a week and a half. I’ve had a ton of paperwork to get through in regards to my son. But it did afford me plenty of time to get some writing in.

I finished chapters 7, 8 and 9. I should be finished with chapter 10 by Sunday. For a while there, I was struggling to get words down, but this week, they seem to be flying. That makes me a happy little writer.

How is your writing coming along? Let me know in the comments section!

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