Stay Focused


First an update on my non-verbal 9 year old with autism:

Little Man didn’t want to eat what was being served at school Tuesday. His wonderful Para asked him what he did want and he wrote “hotdog” on the whiteboard. THEN HE SAID IT! All the paras and the teacher stopped what they were doing and looked at each other like “did he REALLY just say that?!” Then a loud cheer went up. It’s the little things.

We had chili dogs for dinner to celebrate.

Just when I thought 2016 was sailing along nicely, someone on my husbands side of the family decided they needed to talk a little smack about me. This person has a long history of starting drama. No one stands up to her because she cries to her husband who then attacks that person.

My husband advised me to drop it. However, I’m stubborn and don’t like being attacked. So I did what anyone should do when confronted by a bully. I stood up to her and told her in no uncertain terms what I thought of her and her little games. Then I went to bed.

My poor husband. The next day, while at work and trying to meet hectic deadlines, not only did the trouble maker call him to tell him to “control your bitch wife,” his beloved aunt called because the troublemaker called her to tell him to do the same thing. He had every intention of staying out of it, but when they both started attacking me and name calling, he told them where to get off. Then he had to call his mom to warn her that she was probably going to get calls.

I was left wondering what the hell makes 60+ year old women act like little punks on the playground. And then I was reminded of a meme that a dear friend of mine had shared a few months ago. I asked her if she remembered it. Not only did she remember it, she sent it to me. It’s the one I posted at the top.

And then I thought of my little man. He has so many obstacles stacked against him. Yet, he doesn’t let it drag him down. He meets every day with a smile and an eagerness.

I must be getting close to my blessing (finishing my manuscript), because I’m seeing obstacles stacking up and I’m being attacked by the people that SHOULD be cheering me on. But like my son, I’m not going to let them hold me back or get me down. Even if it means I have to kick a few asses and ask for a few hot dogs.

Don’t lose your focus. Stay the course. The blessings/rewards are worth the fight.



4 thoughts on “Stay Focused

  1. I read your post aloud to my husband and we both were smiling with tears in our eyes at the end. Loved the idea of the chili dog celebration. Great job of writing this moving piece! Also thank you for sticking up for yourself! Toss the ball back in THEIR court…and then move out of position. You don’t need to acknowledge, match or return that ball again. You’re right–stay focused on you, not them!

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    • It thrills my heart when Collin’s successes touch others. He’s such a sweet, amazing little boy. And I’m not biased at all. πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much! I hope that by sticking up to one bully, it’ll make an impact in the overall bullying situation. And you’re right, they don’t need my attention, I have better things to do with my time. πŸ˜€


  2. Stay on track and don’t let a bully get in your way – I hear you! It’s not easy but it’ll make the good times feel even better when you have them xx Great to hear about the progress on your manuscript! Happy New Year, T πŸ™‚


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