1. Much truth here. Some of the less well advertised make for great movies. The Europa Report flicked a switch for me. (Not great but most enjoyable) As you say; it was one that ended up on Netflix where I discovered it. I think SciFi is branching out and has many alcoves within. As you say, it is something that entertains and allows us all to dream ahead. It thrills us and allows all to escape from the world we sometimes geat fed up with.


  2. This is the problem. Star Wars fans give science fiction a bad name. Lucas said it was SPACE FANTASY in 1977. So much stuff called science fiction these days can’t even make SCIENCE interesting.

    Read A FALL OF MOONDUST by Arthur C. Clarke to see what science fiction really is.


  3. I’m more of a Star Trek fan than Star Wars. I think they destroyed the franchise with the horrible pre-quel troligy. Jar Jar Binks – that’s all that needs to be said. Hayden Christensen is just as bad.

    That being said the new Star Wars teaser with Han and Chewbacca got me excited!


  4. I agree with you. Perhaps there is an over-reliance on animation and CGI when the story is week. Even in Science Fiction, it is always about the story. Interestingly, “Oblivion” and “Edge of Tomorrow” were very well done (both visually and from a story perspective). Cheers!


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