Summer Break 2015 – Making Time to Write

Prairie2I’ve been meaning to post an update but I’ve been a tad bit busy.

First there was the 4100+ chapter six that I sent off to the amazing editor. She said it would be a few days before she got it back to me. Which turned out to be the next day. Did I mention that she was amazing?

Then there’s the whole ‘end of the school year’ song and dance. And that means lots of meetings; teachers (for the annual IEP, goal planning for next year, and a game plan with home work for the summer to make sure there’s no regression and he’s ready for the next school year), therapists (more goal planning, homework, etc.), care coordinators, doctors, the list goes on towards the never setting sunset.

As if that wasn’t keeping me busy, we’ll be heading to Wyoming for summer break. I still have to pack and we’re leaving Thursday. Plenty of time. And the kiddo FINALLY has his surgery on Wednesday. Thankfully, the hubby will be arriving Tuesday to help me out with some of it.

I just know I’m forgetting at least one thing. Isn’t that always the way it goes? I’m sure I’ll remember it when we’re out in the middle of BFE.

As Sandra reminded me recently, I’ve had worse weeks and still managed to crank out a decent word count. It’s true. I might not always be able to carve out large blocks of time, but those ten or fifteen minutes here and there really do start to add up. I find myself writing while I’m waiting for the kiddo at therapy, or sitting in the car waiting for school to get out. Every word written is one more closer to “The End.”

Since this summer is going to extremely busy with homeschooling and vacationing in Wyoming, it’s going to be a little more difficult to find time to write. But writing, for me, is a lot like an itch that I can never quite scratch into submission. That means I’ll make the time to put pen to paper and scribble out a chapter here and there. Even if it means making hubby take the kiddo to the lake for the day so I can get some quiet writing time in. Or a nap. And then writing.

Weekly Word Count: 583 – pathetic, I know. But it’s better than a big, fat zero.

Weekly Goal: Pardon me while I cry.

What I’m Reading: Murder on Safari: A Thriller by Peter Riva. Peter’s descriptions are so vivid, I could feel the sun beating down on my back and the smells of the crowds. I aspire to write as well.

Conclusion: My next post will probably be from Wyoming after we get settled in. I’m actually looking forward to getting out of the city and back out onto the wide open prairie. “Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play…”


2 thoughts on “Summer Break 2015 – Making Time to Write

  1. Terrye, you’ll do fine! Words will spill out on paper at unusual times and–more important–ideas will be generated by those days “off” from writing! Because your quote (loved it!) is very true. And sometimes not consciously thinking about a story will allow grand and anazing ideas to bubble up from our subconscious. So enjoy the summer!


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