Oops…Sorry About That!

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I forgot to write a post for this week. Oops.

This week has been such a whirlwind that I’m not even sure what all I did. I recall scheduling surgery for my eight year old son. He has to have two teeth extracted. Because he’s non-verbal and autistic, we’re seeing a dentist that specializes in special needs kiddos. She recommended, for his comfort and safety, that we schedule it at the Children’s Hospital where she can put him under and do the extractions, cleaning and x-rays. She also assured me that because he’d be in post-op, I’d have the help of the nurses to comfort him when he recovers. THAT is huge.

And my vacuum decided to kick the bucket on me. The bastard. Now I have to go shopping. I hate shopping. I know…a woman that hates to shop. Well, unless it’s for old fashion stationary, purple pens, and of course, BOOKS. I could spend days in a book store. Ebooks are great and all, but I still love the feel of a paper book. Much to my husband’s dismay. Every time he comes home, there’s a new stack of books waiting to be read.

I do know that I got chapter 4 written and submitted to Sandra the Wonder Editor. She sent back the edits for chapter 3. It wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. There’s still a lot of fixes needed, but it wasn’t the train wreck I swore it was.

I highly recommend getting a professional editor. I used to wrestle with the idea and the expense. But after working with Sandra, I would NOT hesitate. Not only does she point out little inconsistencies that I miss, she spots major plot points that I’d never see because I’m too close to the story and the writing. After she pointed them out, it was a total palm to the forehead followed by a huge “DOH!”

Weekly Word Count: 2435 for a total of 11374

Weekly Goal: Crank out Chapter 5

Favorite Part of My WIP This Week:

“She seemed transfixed by his movements. Ernest stopped his swinging and slowly flexed his arm muscle, pretending not to notice her. Mindlessly, she stepped forward to garner a better view, caught the tip of her boot in the hem of her skirt and fell forward into the pile of manure she had been shoveling. He couldn’t resist the urge to laugh at her as he watched the look of painful embarrassment creep up her neck and onto her reddening face in the span of a single, stunned breath.” – Untitled by Terrye Toombs

Weekly Cool Writing Site: Rae Elliot, Indie Author. What I like about the site – lots of great advice for newbies and old dogs, alike.

Quote of the week:


What I’m Reading: Island in the Sea of Time by S.M. Stirling. Wow. What a fantastic book!

Conclusion: I’m making progress. Slowly but surely. One word after another until “The End.”


12 thoughts on “Oops…Sorry About That!

  1. I love this post! I’m so glad that you’re making progress on your book, and I can’t wait to read it once it’s done! I also need to print that quote and hang it on my wall, and also as the background on my phone, tablet, and computer. Writing – even my frivolous nonsense – its very therapeutic for me, yet I never seem to make time for it anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jen! So good to see you. Oh, I’m determined to get a manuscript finished. I’m equally determined to make a living from this book writing thing. 😀

      YES! You HAVE!!!! to make time to write. I do it while I’m waiting to pick up the kidling, while he’s in therapy, while he’s at school, etc. I’ve also scaled WAY back on social media so I’m not distracted. 😀 It keeps me sane. 😉 Well, sorta…. *hugs*


    • Cheryl, you lovely lady! 😀 I finally found my mojo, just like you. It’s gonna be awhile, but I’ll be sure to let ya know what it’s finally out. Really appreciate you dropping by! Thank you!!!


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