Yay! For Writing

I had expected a speedy recovery after my oral surgery on March 13th given my previous rebounds from the same procedure. I should have known better. This time, the dentist decided to do some “bone therapy.” Basically, it meant opening up my gums, ‘scratching’ the bone to induce bone growth, and then stitching it back up. He did this on both sides of my jaw as well as extract 4 teeth (two upper, 2 lower) on the right side.

I can only say that I’m thankful I opted for being sedated. I slept most of that day and the next. Except for the occasional moments where I had to get up to take more pain pills until they started to make me throw up. Which led to busting open some sutures. And more bleeding. And more pain. You might say I was a little miserable. And the last thing on my mind, besides eating, was writing.

Monday, I decided that since the hubster was home for the week, we should probably do something together as a family. We don’t get to do that very often with his schedule. We hopped into my car and headed down to Bisbee and Tombstone. I made sure I took doses of pain stuff and brought along extra just in case. My camera bag looked like an illegal pharmacy. A risky proposition since we were so close to the boarder and we had to pass through a Border Patrol Checkpoint after leaving Tombstone. I could lie and say I was writing this from my jail cell, but I swore an oath a long time ago to only tell the truth. I admit, I sometimes stretch the truth. But I never lie.

Our little jaunt to “The Town Too Stubborn To Die” wore me out and I ended up spending the next two days in bed, recovering. Mike was leaving in a few days and I had to be on my feet to take over parenting duties when he headed back up north. I was a little stressed. By the time he left for the airport on the 21st, I was feeling 75%. I was also able to start eating a little. And look at all the comments and suggestions my most wonderful editor had sent over. I was VERY eager for the little monkey to get back to school so I could get back on the writing wagon.

Spring Break finally broke. After I booted the kid out of the car at the school’s curb, I raced home to get down on paper what my characters had been screaming at me for two days. I wrote. I wrote some more. When I was eating, I wrote. While I was sitting in the car waiting for the child-beast, I wrote. If I had a spare nanosecond, I had a pen in my hand, scribbling away like a mad woman. So much catching up to do.

Am I caught up? Heck no! The dishwasher still needs to be turned on, the laundry needs to be folded and put away. The house hasn’t been vacuumed in a week (thanks to hubby for getting new filters for the dust blowing POS – that’s ‘piece of shit’). And I’m a chapter behind.

But it beats writer’s block!



Weekly Word Count: 3557 words written this past week for a grand total of 8939.

Weekly Goal: This week’s goal is to get chapter four written while I wait for Sandra the Editor to send over chapter three’s recommended revisions. It’s hard to write while I’m anxiously waiting to hear her input. She’s extremely helpful in ironing out plot lines, character arcs, and all the other stuff that’s so hard to keep track of.

Favorite Part of My WIP This Week:

“She seemed transfixed by his movements. Ernest stopped his swinging and slowly flexed his arm muscle, pretending not to notice her. Mindlessly, she stepped forward to garner a better view, caught the tip of her boot in the hem of her skirt and fell forward into the pile of manure she had been shoveling. He couldn’t resist the urge to laugh at her as he watched the look of painful embarrassment creep up her neck and onto her reddening face in the span of a single, stunned breath.” From Untitled by TM Toombs

Weekly Cool Writing Site: The I “heart” Writing Blog – An awesome weekly list of some of the most helpful resources for writers. I could spend hours reading here.

Quote of the Week:


What I’m Reading: When I’m not writing, I’m reading “Walking in the Midst of Fire – A Remy Chandler Novel” by Thomas E. Sniegoski. I’m on page 203 of 340. It’s the sixth book of the series and I’ve read all of them over the past three months.


How did your week go? What are you working on? I’d love to hear your ups and downs, how you’re working through challenges and what your dreams are!

2 thoughts on “Yay! For Writing

    • I do feel much better, Phil, thank you! I’m determined to poop out a manuscript this year. 😀 hence the reason I’ve been pretty much MIA in our perverse little group. 😉 Miss ya, tho!!!


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